Shondell Dwayne Coleman Jr.-Northern Lights Ambassador


One thought on “Shondell Dwayne Coleman Jr.-Northern Lights Ambassador

  1. Hi!

    I’m Shondell Coleman, senior business management major through the College of Business. I am one of the Co-chairs of the Communication Committee. I am from the South Side of Chicago and love to strive for accomplishments.
    I attended NIU because of its business program; unlimited opportunities within the college and growth. I also enjoyed the environment and the resources that NIU has to offer. I was astounded by the campus life and the people I’ve met along the way. I knew right away that this was the place for me to grow as a young man and get the most out of my college experience.
    This is my third year as a NLA. I became part of this great program to better myself as an individual/leader and meet people. This program helped me get out of my comfort zone of meeting faculty, staff, students, and donors, which was by far a great opportunity. Being able to serve as a leader on campus and represent my college has been a remarkable experience, as well as involvement through activities/events. I look forward to meeting new people and reaching out to first-year students to ensure their stay here at NIU is vital.
    Heavily getting involved has been the best experience at NIU I have encountered when I first attended as a freshman. I am proud and surprise of the person I have become over the years and it has leaded my level of maturity to endless opportunities. I was given many opportunities and better myself as a student on campus. The best thing I found significant was ‘networking’ and exploring all opportunities at NIU.

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